Charitable Information

Financial Sustainability


Auntie Mame’s Child Development Center’s senior leadership team is composed of the executive director and the board of directors. We strongly believe that our organization will only be as strong as our executive leadership team. This is the main reason for our transparency across all faucets of the organization. We invite you to meet our executive director or join during our quarterly board of directors meetings.

Auntie Mame’s Child Development Center is a nonprofit organization that is tax exempt under 501(c)(3) for federal status purposes. Every penny received by the organization is for the purpose of furthering the sole desire of its founder the late Mrs. Mamie L. Townsend to ensure that children of all economical statuses have an opportunity to receive an outstanding early childhood education and care experience. The organization has held and maintained its status and incorporation since 1971.

Auntie Mame’s Child Development Center’s mission is “Providing high, quality, culturally responsive early education and school age programs that equip children to become engaged learners, strong leaders and successful adults.” Daily we strive to ensure that we have our mission at the forefront of all activities on behalf of the organization.

Each dollar that you donate is eligible for tax deduction. Please consider donating and including Auntie Mame’s Child Development Center in your estate planning. To continue with sustainable growth, strong leadership, the nonprofit status and being mission driven we invite you to peruse through our tax information.  


AMCDC_ 990 2015 (pdf)